Mandy Duncan
Mandy Duncan Family & Lifestyle Influencer
Mandy Duncan is a family and lifestyle influencer based on Auckland’s North Shore. She has a solid following of females 20 – 38 years old. Love would be the word that most embodies Mandy. Love for family, love for life and love for her home. There is a real thread of ‘appreciation’ in her Instagram posts with high engagement from her 29K instagram followers. Mandy is also the owner and creator of Noah & Bowie, an ethical store for beautiful baby wares that is named after her two darling children. Mandy’s hubbie Kelvyn is a major feature of her posts and when you see the magic between them it’s clear to see why. Mandy often features her favourite skincare, fashion and homewares as part of her content. We are so proud to work with Mandy at Little Empire.
Cam Mansel
Cam ManselMusic Host & Adventurer
Cam is a twenty-something, pop culture powerhouse who has had a voice across New Zealand for many years, growing up in the music industry on the 4.30 Show, ZM Online, iHeart Radio Top 40 and now with his new show presenting the ZM night show ‘ZM SnapChart’. In 2017, Cam featured as the weekly entertainment and celebrity reporter on TVNZ Breakfast. His passion for music, fashion, adventure and youth culture is unstoppable. He is a prolific ‘vlogger’ with weekly videos and image content across channels like YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and his very own website. He has a strong following of fans who like to not only watch and listen, but also participate in activities with Cam. His zest for life and originality has seen him grow at a rate of knots.

Brittany McCrystal
Brittany McCrystalNaked Vogue Blogs
Brittany is a Auckland based travel and lifestyle blogger with a serious case of travel love! With 41K Insta followers and 50K monthly impressions on her blog, her presence online is sizable. Brittany is a true influencer passionate about travel and lifestyle. Her love affair with travel began back in 2013 with her first solo trip to Vietnam, ever since then her life has been filled with travel, adventure, and reckless decisions. In her younger years she attended school in Japan, and has since spent time travelling in Croatia, and Greece. More recently Brittany went hot air ballooning in Cairns, and swam with reef sharks in the Great Barrier Reef. Her aim is to inspire women to consider living a more adventurous lifestyle by embarking on journeys of self discovery and curiosity. #followyourdreams
Stacy Heyman
Stacy Heyman Wellington-Based Lifestyle Influencer
Stacy is a multi-talented lifestyle influencer based in Wellington. Her main audience is Instagram where she has 24K followers! She also writes her own blog and has a YouTube vlog. Stacy’s focus is in on her life as a whole and content is curated base on “what I enjoy and get up to” – those who she supports and enjoys. She has really broad content capabilities and will work with any products that are ‘on-brand’ for her. Stacy’s look is truly versatile and differs from girl next door, to glamorous, to artistic. She is a woman with a lot of interests which reflects in her profile. Stacy’s audience is millennial through to 30+. Her look is so versatile, from ‘girl at home’ to ‘glamorous’. Stacy is also available as a content curator for social media, so check out her profile in our ‘People’ section.
Stephanie Lai
Stephanie LaiTravel & Fashion
Stephanie Lai is an Auckland based travel & lifestyle blogger with a flair for fashion. She was born in NZ, and is of Malaysian Chinese heritage. Her Instagram page @TheTravelKid.NZ has an impressive 27K followers. Stephanie does all her own content curation and also curates video blog and social media content. As a jack of many trades Stephanie also does fashion writing and is a qualified TV presenter. She holds an AUT communications degree, (majored in journalism) and is part way through a law degree.
Stephanie is a public figure in the Kiwi-Asian world and has presented for channel Tv33 the Chinese Lifestyle Channel. She is also an influencer for Huawei in NZ. Stephanie is well set up, with a Go-Pro, a Macbook Pro and even a drone! She also knows how to edit and is really excited about making more video content.

Claudia Conaglen
Claudia ConaglenInfluencer, Sunseeker & Blogger
Claudia Conaglen is a fun loving, sun loving, soon to be mamma! Claudia is a lifestyle blogger with a focus on fitness, fashion, health, food and travel. She lives between Napier, Auckland and Bali and enjoys living life to the full. Claudia currently has over 40K followers across my social media as well as her very own blog which includes plenty of content about the lifestyle brands she loves and her on-the-go adventures. Claudia enjoys taking her own pictures and making video content. Not afraid to be herself, you will see Claudia working hard at the gym, wearing bikinis on the beach, enjoying time with her friends and adventuring on her own. Claudia has recently been married and very soon will welcome her new love into the world, which will open up a whole new dimension in her life.

Belinda Nash
Belinda NashThe Bella Edit & Express Magazine
This girl is a serious blogger and writer extraordinaire! She most notably wrote for where she won ‘Blogger of the Year Award’ and ‘People’s Choice Award’ at the 2015 annual SMCAKL awards. Today Belinda is the Style Editor for Express magazine (monthly) as a ‘Style Writer’ with a regular feature column. Plus she writes for media and brand clients on decor, social media, natural skincare & makeup, and healthy living. As well as curating her own blog and social channels @thebellaedit Belinda has a BA (psyc), a MusB, and a postgraduate Accreditation in Public Relations, and an MPhil degree majoring in creative writing. Belinda’s two key areas of focus are writing and fashion style content. Spend a day with Belinda and you will hear people all around her say ‘please tell me where I can get that??’ She is a true influencer.

Jane Lowe
Jane LoweThe Yoga Connection
The Yoga Connection is a hub of information for all things yoga and wellness in NZ. Jane Lowe lives and breathes yoga and wellness, and has created a huge following of wellness warriors in New Zealand. “I’m a big believer in making a difference through all the little changes we can make in life – how we shop, what we wear, what we eat, the body and home products we choose.” says Jane. Her facebook page alone has 32,900 followers. The Yoga Connection website is a nationwide portal that covers healthy living events, yoga classes, yoga courses, a job noticeboard, featured yogi profiles and a community blog called YogaTalk. Jane also has her own blog and a ‘Product Love’ page is where Jane reviews and showcases products. Jane is really prolific at her ‘Insta stories’an her Instagram has 5,800 followers.